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  • Q: Why is steering on my vehicle heavy?

    a) The most likely cause of heavy steering is loss of pump efficiency.

    b) The power steering pump may simply be worn out.

    c) There may be a conflict of demand between the hydraulic pump and the fan motor

  • Q: Why is my steering notchy or lumpy?

    a) It could be a faulty universal joint.

    b) If the splind shaft on the pump is slightly deflected to one side this will prevent correct valve opening which causes notchy steering.

  • Q: Why is there fluid coming out of my reservoir when I turn the engine off?

    a) There is air intake between the oil reservoir and the inlet side of the power steering pump.

    b) If your oil is visibly contaminated and your pump is engine mounted, then vapour may be being sucked from the engine, through the shaft seal of the power steering pump.

  • Q: Why do I have insufficient steering lock after fitting a steering box?

    a) You need to reset the steering lock relief valves. Failure to do this can seriously damage your steering. Please consult your workshop manual or contact the technical department at Direct Parts.

  • Q: Why is my hydraulic fan cooling system not working correctly?

    a) Check to see if your thermo valve is faulty.

    b) The pressure relief valve and switching valve may be faulty.

    c) The system may be worn out due to general wear and tear.

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