Brexit Mania follow up – 12 months on

A year on from the Brexit announcement.


A year on from our previous editorial regarding the announcement of Brexit we at the Direct Group are delighted to say that we are still here and offering our impressive products and services the same as we have always done, and as we soon enter into our 25th year in business it’s something we intend to continue to do.

We haven’t as yet felt any back lash from the decision the country made to leave Europe and still have fabulous relations with all our overseas customers and suppliers across Europe and beyond.

In fact due to the nature of our industry we have seen an increase in sales as people look for an alternative to the O.E with their increased waiting times of reportedly some 6-7 weeks on some items we can turn around in just 24 – 48 hours with our service exchange scheme.

We promote change and we move with the times with the same vigour and excitement looking for new opportunities as we did from the conception of The Direct Group, we have never sat back and let the grass grow under our feet, it’s not how we work and we intend to embrace Brexit and all that comes with it.

Looking forward we are excited for the opportunities and the challenges that we all face within the industry and we will endeavour to supply you the bus and coach industry with quality remanufactured products. And look forward to celebrating with you next year with our 25th Anniversary celebrations.