Knitting up a Pier

Two of our ladies have decided to participate with helping Brighton and Hove in-conjunction with Nina Dodd their resident knitter with a community project of knitting the west pier the size of a Double Decker bus.

In order to create a beautiful knitted picture of the West Pier the size of a double decker bus, they need nearly 5000 squares! The knitted picture will be made up of nine different colours all sewn together to create the knitted pier, which will then be draped from the side of the bus and driven around the city for everyone to enjoy! please visit their website for details for more details.

Jill a keen knitter and Sue who’s not knitted for over twenty years saw the project on Twitter and thought what a lovely idea it would be to help with.  They have just completed several 10cm square, squares for the project in various colours which can be added to this huge project.

Sue Said “I really struggled at first to remember how to cast on and off I thought at one stage they may end up with a scarf sized square, but with the help of google and a U-tube video I managed to save the square.  It took me back to my childhood when I knitted all kinds of things, but for some reason never make the time anymore.” – “Its re-kindled an interest in knitting and who knows where it may lead”.

We at the Direct Group wish them well with the project and look forward to seeing the final result.

If you wish to participate please contact the team at Brighton and Hove – Not Direct Parts Ltd.


And Good Luck all involved.