Help us to help you…

The sales team endeavour to help and assist with your enquiries everyday, you can help us in return by supplying your “old unit” in the best possible condition.

Please take a look at what we will and won’t accept as an “Old Unit”. (See Below)


Over the next few weeks you will see this leaflet inside your supplied unit for Fan Motors, please do not disregard it. We would appreciate it if you could pin it in your stores department so that we can all save time and money by not sending any of the units back with this kind of irreparable damage.

These are a few pictures of what we have had returned to us in the past – which when you take a look you will see why they are unacceptable.

Please Note:- We cannot accept any of the above units on our service exchange programme they are all un-repairable and you would be charged the full surcharge on these items if you cannot find a suitable replacement.

If you are in any doubt that your unit might be rejected please do not hesitate to send us a picture before sending it to us. We are here to help –


This is how we send your unit to you.